Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sun said it first

It takes the x86-based market years to figure out the truths of what Sun Microsystems have been saying for years, in each case. The latest example is here, I quote from the second paragraph:
There's a category of server applications that can be better served by a lower class of good enough computing, delivering much better power efficiency. Content web servers, similar to what we use at AnandTech, don't present a hugely complex workload but they do see lots of threads and have largely variable performance requirements. SeaMicro's technology reduces power consumption by using lower power CPUs and highly power optimized motherboards.
Doesn't that sound just a little too similar to what Sun have been saying since for ever? I wonder whether anybody else anywhere did as much innovation as Sun did? What a failure to market - almost every cellphone comes out with Java, yet almost nobody knows who created it. That, and Sun's habit of giving everything away for free, is why it exist no more. Good products alone doesn't make a company successful - the company needs to be able to turn those products into a profit.