Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Die Konqueror Die

What is the benefit of having a browser that doesn't work?  I would argue that it actually detracts from the experience of using the environment.

KDE does not gain or loose followers for having or not having a native browser.  Good support to render web sites well in practice is the only criteria, and arguably the only browsers that serve are Firefox and Chrome.

I'm all for competition, but now that Konqueror is looking for a maintainer is as good a time as any to shelve the product, write it off and re-allocate those resources to making Chrome and Firefox integrate better with KDE.  That would arguably gain KDE more users and make existing ones happier - it is a cause with more value.

P.S. That the web browser also functions as a document viewer and file manager is irrelevant.  Nobody uses it for those function five minutes after they discovered the need for one of the better, dedicated programs, if ever they did.

P.P.S I'm not even going to mention the other disfunctional KDE web browser.