Monday, March 12, 2007

Today is the first day of the rest of my life

The big question: What to put into my first blog entry. Of course, this came only after the other big question: choosing a home for my personal blog, a decision the gravity of which I never before really considered! Now, having gone through the seemingly simple process of selecting a blogging website, setting up a URL and picking a name for my blog, I realize just how serious a decision it is. And then to make my blog into something real of course I have to now write this first entry. Gee! Who will read my blog? Prospective employers? Friends? Colleagues? Criticizers? I guess I will not be able to please everybody. And what tone to take? Make it formal, casual, serious, slapstick? I am sure that, as with much else in life, this blog will grow and take on a shape naturally, based on whatever inspires me every day. I have of course long thought that I should take the plunge and set up a blog, but every time I thought about it I stopped when it came to selecting a site - one might say I've been having commitment issues. Deciding on whether to brave it by going on my own, setting up my own website for the extra freedom, against the simpler option of picking a specialist hosting service made it no easier. But in the end I decided to give it to the experienced pros, and now here I am. I also only had vague ideas of what to call the blog, and after much consideration came up with the title "Initial Program Load". As the name suggest this site will be mostly about computers. This is only natural as computers are my great passion. But without a doubt other things will appear, including, but not limited to, some mad ravings about politics, events, and philosophy. How this all turns out remains to be seen. Now let the show begin.

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