Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The silence is too loud

A lot is happening in my life, right now, but I promise that I am working on a few articles, so hang in there to all three of my regular readers. Which reminds me... What exactly is real life? Why can't my online life be a valid part of my real life? I am of the opinion that phrases like "having a life" and "get a life" are irrelevant, because I need to interact with people and websites, just as much as I need to eat and sleep. Happiness is something that has got a lot of bearing on this. I don't watch much TV, couldn't care less about jock sports, and would rather "spend my life" in front of the computer than by going to parties, sport matches and ... whatever else passes for "having a life" these days. Oh, sure I can appreciate the occasional movie. However I just normally prefer to be in control of my entertainment. I like to steer my own path through the web as I read up on whatever topic I am busy investigating, and find watching TV and spectator sports too boring due to the unidirectional, uninvolved nature of it. It feels like I'm being spammed with other people's lives! Many people have written pieces on their school-days experiences with so-called sports jocks, and while I have had my share of these encounters, I will not waste space by just echoing these sentiments. However one thing that I do want to say is that many people don't realize, or have no tolerance for, is that there are different ways in which one can live a happy, fulfilling, and satisfactory life. Mine happens to use a tool called "The Computer" quite often. It is free of much of the elements of the world that I dislike, and those elements which it does contain are usually things I can ignore or avoid. At any rate, I promise not to let the blog deteriorate into yet another dust-collector.

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