Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Voting day in the South African National Election, 2009

People who know me know that I am strongly apolitical. The problems we are facing in South Africa, especially the living conditions affecting most South Africans, will not be solved by any political party. They simply are not motivated or even enabled to fix things in a satisfactory manner. In short, I believe that it makes no difference who becomes our next Government.

However, like in every one of the past five national elections (since I became eligible to vote), I today cast my vote for an opposition party because I also believe in a multi-partite government: No one party should be allowed to rule unchecked and uncontested. In much the same way that competition is necessary in any industry, opposition serves as a check to keep the ruling party honest: An only incumbent gets a default Carte Blanche, even in a democracy. Very few people are disciplined enough to remain altruistic throughout a dictatorship, if ever they were - I certainly don't believe any of the people on our existing political radar have this ability, regardless of their good intentions.

Strangely this touches on the Sun/Oracle merger, one which many fear would kill of a number of products (and thus the competition) which do not fit in with Oracle's current business model. I'll post on that tomorrow after reading some of the Oracle employees' views on the matter.

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